Lions Hunt Buffalo Calf Left Behind by Herd (2)

Mar 28 2017

I’ve been guiding now for just over 12 years, mainly doing Kruger park drives and tours but in the last 3 years, I’ve been on Mjejane Reserve which is a private reserve incorporated into the Kruger. I’ve seen a lot over the years but this was a special moment! When you predict the moment and it unfolds in exactly that way, it is so 


Advice to others in the same sighting situation would be to remain still and not to panic. My main theory is not to put human emotions on the wild animals in situations like this


That evening the lions were in the same area drinking next to the road. The next day we found the buffalo herd that was chased and noticed a bull buffalo with its tail missing so I suspect these lions had another go at them during the night with no luck”. 







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