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We select the very best wildlife content from the many incredible wildlife spots around the world.
We promote your viral worthy content into our established network of media partners.
All income received gets shared with you. Some our top contributors have earned up to $15 000.
On average a viral video earns $XXXS over a lifetime. We of course don't know upfront what a video will earn.

What goes viral and makes money?

  1. Videos and photos that tell a story
  2. Cute, funny, heart warming videos and pics
  3. Straight out rare sightings and experiences
  4. Action packed hunts and fights

Does quality matter? No! It's all about being authentic.
Some of our best content is filmed with cell phones.

Recent Top Earning Videos

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Filmmaker earned R7272.62

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Filmmaker earned R2038

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Filmmaker earned R1561.39

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