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Mating Pearl-Spotted Owls

It was a great July Saturday and Pieter Burger and his wife Mariekin, were spending an awesome weekend in Kruger. They happened to notice something catch their eye and looked up to see a Pearl-spotted owl in a Leadwood tree.

This was around 15.00 in the afternoon and there was no way Pieter could miss an opportunity to photograph this beauty. After taking only one photo Pieter noticed the bird was displaying some funny behaviour as she seemed to be puffing herself up.

Suddenly a male swooped in and began to mate with her….

All in all the ritual seemed to last about 6 seconds. The male then took off with the female not far behind. It’s as if they vanished just as quickly as they had appeared.

Pieter was so thrilled and felt most privileged to have seen and captured this moment on camera.

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