Frequently Asked

How do I earn money?

Submit your wildlife videos for review. Each week, we review submissions and provide feedback. If your video is approved, we will promote it and split the revenue earned with you every month.

How much can I earn?

You will earn 40% of your media’s direct revenue (excluding VAT). Individual earnings have ranged from R500 to R480,000 ($30-$30,000), with an average R3k-R8k ($181-$485) per video.

Do we monetize and sublicense your uploaded media?

Yes, based on where your video is accepted to be published, you are giving Latest Sightings the exclusive right to monetize and sublicense the media in whole or in part.

Will my footage be used on non-monetized platforms

By uploading your footage, we may use it on non-monetized platforms and tag your platforms/pages for exposure. If they become monetized, we’ll ensure you receive the earnings.

When will I receive payment for my earnings?

We will pay you your share within 30 days after we have received payment. We will pay once your total earnings reach R500.  

What goes viral?

We’re looking for videos and photos that tell a story. Think cute, funny, heartwarming, rare sightings, and action-packed hunts and fights.

Where do we earn money?

Our revenue streams include YouTube (Ads), YouTube Content ID (Earning off stolen footage), Facebook (Ads), TV Shows (License sales), and Websites (License sales).

Do I retain the rights to the media I upload?

You affirm that you have the necessary rights to the media being uploaded, and as a contributor, you will continue to own the copyright to the media you upload.

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video