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  • Leopard in the Kruger National Park
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    Last Week’s Latest Greatest Sightings

    In case you missed last week’s latest greatest sightings – here they are. We have had yet again, another phenomenal week for sightings in the parks and reserves. We absolutely love each and every ting we receive and share it with our followers, making sure they stay updated! To stay updated and update fellow wildlife-enthusiasts, […] More

  • Crocodile kills pangolin in Sabie River, Kruger National Park
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    Crocodile Catches Pangolin in River (Extremely Rare Footage)

    This was a once-in-a-lifetime sighting for visitors who witnessed a crocodile catching a pangolin and they were actually lucky enough to get the extremely rare footage! This was seen at the Cattle Baron restaurant in Skukuza, Kruger National Park yesterday! Wildlife enthusiasts Eddie Ackerman, Jordan LA, and Frannie vd Riet were fortunate to observe a […] More

  • Giraffe tries saving her dead calf from hyenas
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    Giraffe Tries Saving Her Dead Calf From Hyenas

    This was the heart-breaking moment a giraffe tries saving her dead calf from hyenas in the Greater Kruger – but she does not give up or forsake it. 34-year old, field guide Alexandra Olivieri shared this intense sighting. She witnessed a giraffe cow giving it her all, to keep hyenas from devouring her calf, long […] More

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    Leopard Kills Jackal

    In case you missed last week’s sightings – here they are. Yet again, another phenomenal week for sightings in the parks and reserves – Amongst others, one where a leopard kills a jackal! To stay updated and update fellow wildlife-enthusiasts, join the fun on WhatsApp by using the link(s): Kruger Latest Sightings Pilanesberg Latest Sightings […] More

  • Lion cub plays whack-a-mole with geese
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    Lion Cubs Play Whack-a-mole With Geese

    This is the moment that Jem Harris witnessed lion cubs play whack-a-mole with Egyptian geese in the mud! This captivating sighting was filmed on the Dulini Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands Greater Kruger. Jem Harris shared this incredible sighting with LatestSightings.com where he witnessed lions hunting geese in the mud! Lions are not […] More

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    Lioness Sneaks Up On Sleeping Hyena Cubs

    A pride of lionesses has their eye on a clan of hyena pups taking a nap in the afternoon sun. The lionesses then sneak right up onto the sleeping hyenas! This heart palpitating sighting was captured by 25-year-old, Accounts Manager, Kyra De Lange, while enjoying an afternoon game drive near Biyamiti weir, Kruger National Park. […] More

  • Leopard Stikes at Warthogs
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    Warthogs Walk Right Into Leopard

    An extremely captivating sighting of a leopard climbing down from a tree and attempting to hunt an unsuspecting family of warthogs that walk right into the Leopard. This sighting was reported in real-time on our app! This exciting sighting was captured by 36-year-old, Mechanical Engineer, Jan-Louis Human and, 30-year-old, Wildlife Photographic Guide, Moosa Varachia, while […] More

  • Watch this nonstop and dramatic back and forth action that occurred when a pride of 30 lions targeted a thirsty herd of buffalo. The herd comes back and tries its best to rescue the calves of the herd.
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    Watch this nonstop and dramatic back and forth action that occurred when a pride of 30 lions targeted a thirsty herd of buffalo. The herd comes back and tries its best to rescue the calves of the herd. This exhilarating sighting was captured by 62-year-old, David Pinkernell, a retired Hewlett Packard employee who enjoys traveling […] More

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    Leopard Steals Lion Cub

    THE SHOCKING and never-before-seen moment a leopard found an active lion den and sprinted off with a lion cub! More

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    Elephant Kills Crocodile

    This unlucky crocodile found itself right underneath the feet of the world’s largest land mammal – the African Elephant, and, unfortunately, did not make it to see another day. More

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    1 Crab Takes on Pride of Lions


    This is the amazing moment a pride of lions were seen off as they came claw-to-claw in the wild…with a feisty four-inch CRAB! More

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    Battle Between Cobra and Lizard

    Watch this unique encounter where a skink tries its hardest to get away from a cobra, but is ultimately defeated by the paralyzing venom. More

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    2 Secretary Birds Attack Hare

    Secretary birds generally prey on small rodents, amphibians & reptiles but these ambitious birds were seen hunting and killing a scrub hare! More

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    Lions Eat Buffalo Alive While it Still Calls for Help!

    Lionesses generally don’t hunt large buffalo alone, but this ambitious female took on a buffalo one on one and came out victorious. After the hard work was done, the male then took over… However, this lioness obviously took some lessons from wild dogs, which are known to eat their prey alive! More

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    Baboons vs Bucks!

    Watch the adorable moment a troop of baboon’s babies decide to have a game of tag with a family of klipspringers sharing the same boulders! More

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    Wildebeest Tries Saving her Calf From Leopard & Warthogs

    Watch the heart-stopping moment a leopard spots a sick newborn wildebeest and tries to take it, but the mother is having none of it. While the leopard takes a break, warthogs come and try to steal the wildebeest for themselves! This battle took place for over 5 hours yesterday in the Kruger National Park. More

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    Crocodiles Catch Cow Then Hippos Steal It!

    At the famous Crook’s Corner, where South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe meet, which was used by criminals in the old days to escape the police, a new “crime” occurred! Crocodiles caught an unaware cow when hippos then came and stole the catch! More

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    Lion Attacks Leopard in Road

    Watch the thrilling moment that happened last week when a leopard was doing its territorial patrol when the patrol leads it right into a lioness! The lioness took her chance to give the leopard the fright of its life! More

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    Baboons Steal & Groom 2 Leopard Cubs

    What a lucky find this was, seeing something as rare as a baboon with a leopard cub in the Pilanesberg Private Game Reserve. That, while Lauren Pretorius spotted another baboon, in the Kruger, with another leopard cub, round about the same time of year! More

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    Leopard Strikes Buck From Tree

    We all know that “seizing the opportunity” can sometimes come with great rewards. Leopards are the best at seizing an opportunity, being one of Africa’s most prominent opportunists. So, when a small buck walked under a tree a leopard was sleeping in, the leopard took up this opportunity for a meal! More

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    1 Lioness Steals Impala from 5 Cheetahs

    Cheetahs are incredible hunters, their stealth and speed make for magnificent predators and their hunting skills are precise and strategic. So when they make a kill, the meal is a scrumptious reward. But when it comes down to a choice between feeding their cubs or protecting the lives of their young, cheetahs don’t mind losing a meal to a different predator every so often… More

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    Leopard Teaches Cubs How to Cross the Road

    There is no need to go to Oklahoma to see cute cubs, GO TO AFRICA INSTEAD! There, you will watch these magnificent big cats how they should be viewed – in the wild. This video is in honor of all the animals that are locked up in cages when they should be in the wild. More

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    Hyena Tries Drowning Rival

    The fight over territory can become an ugly one at times. And when wild animals clash, you can be sure that there are never 2 winners, there will always be one between the two that pulls the shortest straw. More

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    Lionesses With A Unique Relationship

    In the animal kingdom, it is fairly common to see a dominance display of mounting by male animals, such as elephants and lions. We’ve also shared a video of 3 males doing the deed with 1 lioness. However, we have never seen the above behaviour between 2 lionesses! More

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    Giraffe Kicks Lions To Defend Itself

    In the human world, we can get away with saying “Pick on someone your own size”, but in the animal world, it’s fair game. If a predator can bring it down, no matter the size, they’ll go in for the kill. This is exactly the case when a pride of lions try and take down a huge giraffe. More

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    How Different Animals React to GoPros

    Have you ever wondered how technology can be used in the wild, especially when it comes to up-close encounters with wild animals? Well, a guide in Mala Mala considered using a GoPro to get face to face with some of the animal kingdom’s favorite and most dangerous animals! More

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    Python Constricts Leopard!

    What an unbelievable sighting of a Leopard and a Python in a full-on brawl for survival. In the wild, it comes down to “survival of the fittest”, and with these two very diverse species going head to head, this action-filled sighting kept the visitors on the edge of their seats! More

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    Hyenas Gang Up Against Injured Rhino

    Hyenas have always been known as the opportunists of the wild, as they take any chance they can get to steal another predator’s food. But, they take any opportunity they can, to go in for the kill themselves. This incredible video of an injured rhino being attacked by hyenas was taken by Danie Bester (31), […] More

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    Lone Lion Attacks a Lone Elephant

    ‘On an afternoon drive at Ngweshla in Hwange National Park, we came across a young elephant wandering by itself at the waterhole. I explained to my guests how such elephants tend to be vulnerable to lions’ says Calvet Nkomo, a guide at African Bush Camps’ Somalisa Camp. More

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    Fish in Small Puddle Doomed by Hungry Leopard

    Wildlife sometimes has its own way of keeping things interesting. In the human world, it often becomes such a rush, that we forget how to appreciate the acts of survival in the animal kingdom. This video shows just how interesting it can be and gave an entirely different meaning to the word “catfishing”. More

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    Elephants Got Talent – Soccer

    honour of the Rugby World Cup, we wanted to share a sportsy video! This is the super super cute moment a baby elephant decides to do some soccer practice using a piece of dung lying around! More

  • Male lions take over
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    Lion Pride Take-Over

    Watch as a pride of lions relaxing next to their kill, suddenly have their afternoon nap disturbed by two nomad male lions looking to take o More

  • Drought in Kruger National Park

    The Effects of a Drought

    Drought is a natural phenomenon that occurs throughout nature and has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Learn more in this articl More

  • Large lion pride in the road
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    Largest Lion Pride Ever Marching in Road

    Turning the corner and seeing a whole lot of yellow things in the road, you almost always assume it’s a herd of impala. But the shock and excitement one feels when one realizes it is a pride of lions walking towards you, is like none other. More

  • Termite mound

    The Mighty Termite

    Driving around Mjejane Game Reserve & Kruger one normally drives past these prominent sandy or clay mounds, there is so much to learn ab More