Rhinos Mating in Front of Tourists

During the approaching mating period, a territorial bull rhino will join the female for up to 20 days. At first he accompanies the female by keeping a fair distance until she comes into full oestrus and allows him to approach.


The courtship lasts up to a day, characterized by the male resting his chin on the female’s rump and attempted mounting (0:00). Finally, the cow will stand still, with tail curled, and allow copulation.

Mating is remarkably prolonged, lasting from 20 minutes to one hour.

For 40 year old Wildlife photographic guide in Kruger National Park, Bernhard Bekker, this was simply an astonishing sighting have witnessed!

He tells about his incredible encounter: “This was truly a one in a million spot. Out on a drive, we came around the corner when we saw this rhino standing on his back legs and looking funny facing away from us and we were baffled for a moment, as it was very unusual.

We then noticed the female as they moved forward around the bush together. Because of the build up to the mating I can seriously consider myself lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.

Before you know it the male dismounts the female and then it feels as if everything has gone by in a blur and you never even saw the event.”

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