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  • Incredible Battle Between Leopard And Impala


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    Incredible Battle Between Leopard and Impala

    This was the moment an incredible battle between a leopard and impala unraveled when the leopard gave its all to make a meal out of an impala! This unbelievable sighting happened on the H12, near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park. Leopards are well known for their camouflage and agility when it comes to their […] More

  • Famous Two-Legged Hyena Still Alive 6 Months After Lion Attack


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    Famous Two-Legged Hyena Still Alive 9 Months After Lion Attack

    Video down below! Guess who is back? The famous two-legged hyena who was attacked by a lion 9 months ago is still alive and well! And of course, as Mother Nature would let it play out, it was seen by the very same person again! This amazing sighting happened at Kings Camp in Greater Kruger. […] More

  • Leopard & Hyena Try Steal Wild Dogs' Kill (Viral Video)
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    Leopard & Hyena Try Steal Wild Dogs’ Kill (Viral Video)

    What happens when you mix a pack of wild dogs, one hyena, and a leopard? Chaos erupts resulting in an unforgettable sighting! In this viral video a leopard and hyena come along to try and steal a pack of Wild Dogs’ kill! This unbelievable sighting happened at MalaMala in the Greater Kruger Guide Mike Sutherland […] More

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