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Turtle Reaches and Reaches for Eggs from Frog’s Foam Nest

Watch as a determined terrapin tries to reach fo frog eggs from a foam nest in this captivating scene captured at MalaMala Game Reserve.

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A determined terrapin stretches its neck to the limits, reaching for an enticing foam nest filled with frog eggs dangling just out of reach.

All images by Mel Groenewald

In the serene surroundings of MalaMala Game Reserve, ranger Mel Groenewald captured a captivating scene: a terrapin eyeing a tasty snack of frog eggs in a foam nest.

The terrapin extends its neck to the maximum and gains leverage by pushing against the reeds beneath it. With a victorious effort, it thrusts its head deep into the nest, capturing a generous mouthful of gooeyness.

Dissatisfied with its initial nibble, the terrapin pivots and strikes from a different angle. However, this time its balance falters and its reach falls short, causing it to plop back into the water. Some frogs create these white, frothy nests filled with eggs by churning their hind legs during nesting. Suspended low over water sources, these nests are perfectly positioned to allow tadpoles to drop safely into the water once they hatch. Unless a hungry terrapin is on the hunt…

In a final attempt to satisfy its hunger, the terrapin pushes with all its might. Unfortunately, the nest remains just out of reach, thwarting the terrapin’s efforts to secure a generous bite.

With a look of disappointment, the terrapin finally accepted its defeat. It looked back at the guests, seemingly embarrassed of his failure. Then looked back at the nest one last time, before moving off to find an easier victim.

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