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400 Pound Lion VS Fly

How cute is this sighting of the king of the bush a large male lion being defeated by a lonely little fly? 😂

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How cute is this sighting of the king of the bush a large male lion being defeated by a lonely little fly? 😂

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Mark Fox a safari guide from foxysonsafari shared this adorable sighting with LatestSightings.com.

“One particular sighting that stands out in my memory is the time when a lonely little fly defeated the king of the bush – a male lion.”

“It was late in the afternoon on a rainy day when the Shishangeni males appeared. These two male lions were known for their dominance in the area and it was always a treat to see them. While one of them was sleeping, the other was trying hard to get some rest.”

Male lions often form coalitions to increase their chances of survival and dominance in their territories. These coalitions usually consist of brothers or unrelated males who have formed alliances. The Shishangeni males were known to be a powerful coalition in the area.


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“As I watched the lions, something caught my eye. There was a small fly buzzing around the male lion’s head. At first, the lion seemed unbothered, but soon he became increasingly irritated with the persistent insect.”

“The lion’s attempts to swat the fly were futile as the tiny insect seemed to effortlessly evade his massive paws. The lion continued to grow more agitated as the fly persistently buzzed around his head.”

Lion VS Fly

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Lions often attract flies as they produce moisture and odors that the insects are drawn to. Flies feed on the blood that lions leave on their coats after feeding. Thus, providing them with important nutrients. While flies can be a nuisance to lions, they also play a crucial role in the ecosystem.

Lion VS Fly

“Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the male lion gave up and flopped down on the ground defeated by the tiny fly. It was a comical and unexpected sight that left me and my guests in heaps of laughter.”

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