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Africa’s Best Wildlife Moments Caught on Camera

The African wilderness is full of predators and prey. Here are the best wildlife moments between prey and predator caught on camera.

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The African wilderness is full of predators and prey. Different species adapt unique methods for hunting and scavenging. Here is a compilation of some of the most impressive displays of hunting in the wild. These incredible sightings were sent to LatestSightings.com throughout the past year.

A Cheetah Hunting a Gazelle: The cheetah is widely known as the fastest land animal. It uses this speed to its advantage when hunting prey. Cheetahs typically target smaller antelopes, such as gazelles, and can reach extremely high speeds in short bursts during a chase. The cheetah will chase its prey until it becomes exhausted, and then it will catch it and kill it with a bite to the neck.

Cheetah hunt Masai Mara – Nick Dale

A Crocodile Eating a Baby Hippo: Crocodiles are apex predators. They will eat just about anything they can get their jaws around. In this instance, a baby hippo becomes an easy target for a hungry crocodile. The young hippo unfortunately too small to fend for itself tries to escape the clutches of the crocodile but ultimately falls prey to its powerful jaws.

Best Wildlife Moments Caught on Camera!

Crocodile eating a baby hippo – Yolande Oelson

A Chameleon Catching a Beetle: Chameleons are known for their ability to blend in with their surroundings, but they also have a unique way of catching prey. Using their long, sticky tongues, they can shoot out and capture insects from a distance. In this case, a chameleon successfully catches a beetle. Wrapping its tongue around the insect and pulling it back into its mouth.

Chameleon catching a beetle

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A Hippo Drowning an Impala: Hippos are herbivores. However, they can also be fiercely territorial and will attack other animals if they feel threatened. In this instance, an unlucky impala was chased into the water by a pack of wild dogs. The resident territorial hippo caught up with the impala and dragged it under the water. Drowning it and tossing it around.

Hippo drowning an impala

A Bateleur Eating a Dead Zebra: The bateleur is a species of eagle that is known for its impressive hunting skills. In this case, the bateleur finds a dead zebra and begins to feed on it. The bateleur tears pieces of flesh from the zebra with its sharp beak and devours its meal with ease.

Bateleur scavenging on a zebra

These are just a few examples of the amazing hunting skills that are found in Africa. From the cheetah’s speed to the chameleon’s sticky tongue, each species has adapted its own unique method for hunting and scavenging. So whether it’s a predator or prey, the cycle of life and death in the wild is always fascinating to witness.

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