Bird’s Impressive Courtship Dance Moves Fail to Impress Partner

This bird put on the performance of his life, he danced, twirled, hopped, and sang his little heart out. Sadly, this was all in vain as his potential companion was not half as impressed as we were.

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69-year-old Alan Fogarty, a passionate tour guide with a deep love for wildlife, captured the display and tinged it with

The story begins with a successful morning safari that had already gifted Alan and his guests a sight of the famous white lion named Casper and his pride. As they were making their way back to Satara for brunch, the distinctive call of a male Red-Crested Korhaan caught Alan’s attention. Without hesitation, he locked onto the source of the sound and discovered the male Korhaan only a few meters away.

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Alan began filming what seemed like a typical display, but he quickly realized that there was more to it. The male Korhaan’s actions were beyond the ordinary; his energy was on another level, his feathers raised in excitement. But the real surprise came when a female Korhaan emerged from the undergrowth, catching the male’s attention.

Bird dances to impress partner but fails when she shows no interest

According to Alan, “The male’s dance routine was a fusion of a Michael Jackson performance and a zealous military leader losing control.” The scene played out like a comical romance as the male did his best to impress the seemingly uninterested female.


For Alan, this was an exceptionally rare sight. “I had witnessed the standard vertical flight display of the Red-Crested Korhaan before, but this elaborate dance routine and the vibrant red crest were entirely new and thrilling experiences.”

Bird dances to impress partner

Alan, who has spent numerous years observing wildlife, emphasizes the importance of patience and respect while on safari. “Turn off your engines, remain silent, and let the environment’s sounds envelop you. Don’t be selfish; share sightings with others, and you will be rewarded with special moments like these.”

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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