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Buck Runs into Hidden Leopard

The moment every safari enthusiast waits for: this buck runs into a leopard that is hidden only 5 meters from the road.

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The moment every safari enthusiast waits for: this leopard hunted an impala only 5 meters from the road.

Students Miguele Vosloo and Corne Bouwmeester found themselves in the midst of the action and captured the once-in-a-lifetime moment. They shared their story and footage with LatestSightings.com.

“After setting up our tents at Berg en Dal Camp, we decided to go on a short drive to the nearby Matjulu Pan. Little did we know that this drive would give us a sighting that would stay in our memories forever.”

“As we made our way back from the pan towards camp, our eyes caught a glimpse of movement behind a bush. We immediately recognized that a leopard was camouflaged in the grass. We sat for 20 minutes watching this leopard when it went down on its haunches and sat silently.”

Unlucky buck runs into a leopard that is well hidden!

“Two unsuspecting impalas were walking directly towards the leopard. Holding our breath, we watched as the impalas got ever closer. Tension filled the air as we readied our cameras, fully prepared for the moment.”

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Leopards are great at hiding because of their spots and patterns. This helps them blend into their surroundings and become almost invisible. Leopards can sneak up on their prey without being noticed by using camouflage. It’s a crucial skill that helps them catch their food successfully.

Buck runs into a leopard

“Mere meters away from the road, the leopard launched itself from the bush, overpowering one of the impalas. Catching the impala off guard. The impala fought back, blurting and groaning as the leopard tightened its death grip around the impala’s neck.”


Impalas are important in the ecosystem. They are food for predators and help keep the balance in nature. As sad as it may be, without impalas, many predators will have difficulty finding food.

“As the sun began to set, the impala succumbed to its fate, lying motionless in the grass as the leopard maintained its grip. With the fading light, the leopard dragged its prize deeper into the tall grass and out of sight.”

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