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Crocodile Catches Lion

It may be king of the jungle, but when it comes to the water, the lion has not got a chance against a crocodile. Watch this amazing sighting when a crocodile catches a lion!

Lion crossing river

A video showing what happens when one unfortunate lion enters a reptile’s den has emerged online, shot from the shores of the Sabie River in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Crocodile stalks lion

The young male lion seems completely unaware that it is being stalked by the crocodile, and the crowd of onlookers can be heard shouting in surprise to warn the unsuspecting lion. 

Crocodile swims after lion

The reptile launches its attack and the big cat appears to get caught in its jaws as it is dragged under the water.

Crocodile about to bite lion

But the lion emerges from the deep unscathed and returns to prowling having got the better of the crocodile.

South African Nadav Ossendryver, 18, from Johannesburg, who owns the Latest Sightings website where the clip was posted, was amazed when he first saw the lion and the crocodile clash.


He said: ‘It was really incredible. Thousands of people share so many videos on our app, but this was one was special.

‘I just thought it was amazing the way the crocodiles reacted when the lion appears. When he goes into that water, you just know something is going to happen.’

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