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Crocodile Joins Picnic and Steals Cooler Box

A curious crocodile sneaks up and steals a cooler box filled with drinks from a group of nature lovers while they are having a picnic.

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An inquisitive and curious crocodile sneaks up and steals a cooler box filled with drinks from a group of nature lovers while they are having a picnic.

Rowena Mould, a sprightly 70-year-old retiree, and Davout Wolhuter were out on a relaxing game drive at the Rietspruit Game Reserve. They had a good cheetah sighting just prior to their picnic, and they set up their picnic as usual. It was all going well until a crocodile came out of the water.

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“We were taken aback by this most unusual occurrence, and it drew attention to the fact that wild animal behavior can be contrary to your experience or expectations. You never know what their background and previous interactions with humans might have been, which can alarmingly affect their behavior.”

Please Note That no Wild Animals Were Fed in the Filming of the Video!

Curious crocodile sneaks up and joins picnic

It’s important to note that feeding wild animals can lead to dangerous situations like this. Just because they seem friendly or harmless doesn’t mean they won’t attack or become dependent on human food, which can cause problems for both the animal and humans.


“The crocodile slowly approached our picnic area. We all retreated to the safety of the vehicle. It then turned its attention toward our bright blue cooler box. At first, it rested its jaws on top of the cooler box, but then, in a moment, it snatched the cooler box in its jaws and made a hasty retreat back to the water.”

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Crocodiles, in particular, have a unique way of eating their food. They can swallow small prey whole or tear off large chunks of meat with their powerful jaws and sharp teeth. But they also have a digestive system that allows them to go without food for long periods of time, which is why they can survive in environments with scarce resources.

Crocodile performing death roll on cooler box

“The crocodile swam off carrying the cooler box in its jaws, performing a death roll on it like it was no big deal. Another crocodile approached, and the two of them went at the cooler box as if it was an antelope they had killed.”

“This video reinforces why it is essential to respect animal boundaries, especially wild ones. We definitely were too close to the water’s edge; as soon as the crocs approached, we should have moved off. Lesson learned, fortunately without incident.”

Crocodile swims away with cooler box

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