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Crocodile Tries to Steal Buffalo from Lions

This brave crocodile tries to steal an entire buffalo from a very hungry and angry lioness and her little cubs.

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Rosa Swart, a fortunate visitor to the Kruger National Park, witnessed the breathtaking scene and shared it with

“The Shingwedzi River forms an integral part of the ecosystem in the heart of Kruger National Park.
Incredible herds of buffalo and large prides of lions frequent this region. It comes as no surprise that one of the resident prides was able to take down a buffalo bull.”

“Two lionesses and their two playful cubs had a buffalo kill. The lionesses were clearly enjoying the rewards of a successful hunt. However, their feast was unexpectedly interrupted by a massive crocodile!”

“The crocodile emerged from the pools of water scattered throughout the Shingwedzi River. His intentions were clear; he wanted a piece of the prize! The crocodile went straight across the sand bank to the lioness and cubs.”

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“As tensions mounted, the lions, fueled by their hunger, stood their ground, refusing to back down. It was a fierce standoff. The crocodile, on the other hand, did not want to give up either and kept trying to steal a bite or two from the kill.”

“The crocodile was able to scare the lionesses up the embankment. But that did not last very long, as the lionesses realized the scary crocodile was no match for them on land. They were clearly the apex predators on land. This gave the lionesses some relief.”


“In the end, we had to leave the sighting. The crocodile peacefully taking a bite or two from one end of the buffalo, and the lionesses on the other end feeding. A tranquil end to a chaotic start.”

Such encounters not only leave a lasting impact on individuals lucky enough to witness them but also emphasize the importance of conserving and protecting these precious habitats. Promoting awareness and supporting conservation efforts ensures that the remarkable wonders of the natural world continue to inspire future generations.

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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