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Domestic Dog Caught by Croc while Hunting Impala

This is the unexpected moment when a peaceful wildlife scene turned into a dramatic struggle involving humans, a crocodile, an impala, and a pack of domestic dogs.

The breathtaking and unsettling encounter was captured on camera by Adele Sneyd, a renowned wildlife photographer and owner ofAeternum Creationsduring her visit to the Kruger National Park. Adele shared her story and images with

“I was at Crooks Corner in Kruger Park, a place where you’re allowed to step out of your vehicle at the viewpoint. I was photographing a pod of hippos that were basking on the many sand banks that were visible. While I was focusing my lens on a massive hippo when an unusual sound caught my attention.”

We see that this sighting has a mix of crocs, domestic dogs, impalas and humans. But this wasn’t the only crazy mash-up of animals we’ve shared from this exact same spot in the past. We have an incredible video of a battle between domestic cows, crocodiles & hippos.


“I turned to my camp manager, Doreen Krause, who was with me, and she too heard it—it sounded like dogs barking. Our minds told us no, but our ears heard it, and we didn’t think it could be possible!

Could there actually be dogs here? We quickly retreated to the safety of our vehicle. That’s when we saw it: dogs, not wild but domestic, chasing an Impala into the river. It was a scene of panic and chaos.

I grabbed my camera, trying to capture as much as I could. The dogs were relentless; they followed the impala into the water.

The Impala fought bravely, almost escaping back to the riverbank, but then the Crocodiles joined in.”

“The struggle was intense. One crocodile grabbed a dog before the dog even knew what hit it, while the rest of the dogs continued going after the impala.

Amidst the chaos, a group of people appeared, and someone was trying to call off the dogs, but it was too late. Two dogs managed to escape, but one wasn’t so lucky.

Watching this unfold, I was horrified. Not just at the loss of the Impala but also at the fate of the dog. It was a stark reminder of how poaching takes place on a daily basis.

I left the scene feeling a mix of concern and sadness. How many times do poachers enter our national parks and no one knows?”

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“As I reviewed the images back at camp, I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of loss.

A dog’s life was lost; an Impala was chased to death—all because of humans who seemed to have no respect for the rules of Kruger National Park or the sanctity of nature.

This wasn’t just another wildlife sighting; it was a jarring example of human-wildlife interaction gone wrong.”

This encounter, as captured by Adele, serves as a powerful reminder of the complex interactions between wildlife and humans.

It highlights the need for respect and understanding of nature’s laws and the creatures that abide by them.

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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