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Get Lucky this Weekend and Spot the Elusive Leopard

Would you like to see an elusive leopard in the Kruger or Pilanesberg over the weekend? The following article maps out leopard sightings based on accurate data from our community and will give you the best chance of spotting one this Easter!

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If you’re planning a trip to the Kruger National Park or Pilanesberg over the Easter weekend and hoping to spot a leopard, you’re in luck! The Latest Sightings team has compiled accurate data from our community. The data is based on sightings from January 2020 to March 2023.

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We’ve received a total of 8779 leopard sightings from 8 parks in Africa. Out of these, Kruger and Pilanesberg have reported the highest number of leopard sightings, with Kruger leading the way with an impressive 7379 sightings.

Southern Kruger Leopard Sightings

Now that you know where to go, let’s dive into some specific hotspots where you’re likely to spot these elusive cats. In Kruger, the H3 tar road from Malelane gate up until the Jock Safari Lodge access road is a popular route for leopard sightings. The S119 and S118 dirt roads around the Gardenia Hide. As well as the Mlambane river bed are known for their frequent leopard sightings.

Central Kruger Leopard Sightings

The H7 tar road from Orpen Gate towards Satara is another hotspot, as is the S56 river road close to Shingwedzi Rest Camp. Additionally, the S1 and S65 roads near Skukuza Rest Camp have seen a high number of leopard sightings.

Northern Kruger Leopard Sightings

In Pilanesberg, Mankwe Way and the roads around Pilanesberg Center are great spots to keep an eye out for leopards. You can also check our information graphs for other roads that have recorded leopard sightings in the past.

Pilanesberg Leopard Sightings

Remember that leopards are elusive animals, and spotting them is not guaranteed. Perhaps with these hotspots and a bit of luck, you may just get lucky and see one. When you’re out on a game drive, keep your eyes peeled for any movement or signs of a kill in the trees.

Spot the Elusive Leopard this Easter Weekend


Leopards are solitary animals, so you’ll typically only see one at a time. Keep in mind that they’re also known to be active during the early morning or late afternoon. So plan your game drives accordingly.


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As you venture out on your safari, make sure to follow the rules and regulations set by the park authorities. Keep a safe distance from the animals and don’t disturb them in their natural habitat. Always remember to respect the wildlife and the environment around you.

Spot the elusive leopard

Kruger and Pilanesberg are great places to spot leopards this Easter weekend. Make sure to check out the hotspots we’ve mentioned and keep your eyes peeled for these elusive cats. With a bit of luck and the right timing, you may just get a chance to see them up close in their natural habitat. Happy safari-ing!

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Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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