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Here is the Top Camp to See Leopards in Kruger

The Sabie River has the most leopards in Kruger, which is why you need to visit Lower Sabie Camp if you’ve never seen a leopard before.

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The Sabie River has the most leopards in Kruger, which is why you need to visit Lower Sabie Camp if you’ve never seen a leopard before.

Book a Safari to Lower Sabie Rest Camp

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Kruger National Park, Lower Sabie Rest Camp offers an enchanting getaway for wildlife enthusiasts. From incredible game viewing routes to diverse accommodation options, this camp is a dream destination for nature lovers.

Game Viewing Routes

Lower Sabie Rest Camp boasts excellent game viewing routes in close proximity. One such route is the renowned Sabie River Road. Elephants and buffaloes frequent the Sabie River in the late afternoons. And lions are often seen lazing on the road early in the morning. However, if leopards are what you are after, then the S130, S28, and S21 dirt roads are a must-drive. As for tar roads, the Sabie River Road is enveloped by an array of large trees that offer ample resting spots for leopards. Exploring these routes will undoubtedly provide visitors with unforgettable moments in the wild.

Accommodation Options

Lower Sabie Rest Camp offers a range of accommodation options to suit every visitor’s needs. From comfortable bungalows to family cottages and guesthouses, there is something for everyone. The camp also features spacious campsites and unique river-view safari tents for those seeking a more immersive experience in nature.

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Camp Attractions

One of the highlights of Lower Sabie Rest Camp is its magnificent restaurant and deck overlooking the Sabie River. While enjoying delicious meals, guests can treat themselves to breathtaking views of the river, where crocodiles glide silently and hippos lazily bask in the sun. Occasionally, lucky visitors may even spot a leopard stealthily making its way to the river for a drink. This unique dining experience allows guests to sit in camp and allow the wild to come to them.

Attractions Close to Camp

A few meters from the camp lies the stunning Sunset Dam, offering a remarkable opportunity to witness breathtaking sunsets. Visitors can stay here until just before camp closing times and watch the sunset. The dam is home to a large number of crocodiles and bird species. This makes it perfect for photography throughout the day.

Leopard Haven

Lower Sabie Rest Camp is situated in one of the best leopard viewing areas in Kruger National Park. The Sabie River boasts a thriving population of these elusive felines, making it a prime location for wildlife enthusiasts. Patient observers might catch a glimpse of a leopard stalking its prey along the riverbanks or gracefully descending from a tree. The camp’s proximity to these leopard hotspots guarantees an awe-inspiring experience for visitors.

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