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Hyena Cub Walks Right into Huge Male Lion

A regal male lion hunts a hyena cub in the middle of the road. The cub’s small size makes it no match for the hungry lion.

A 20-year-old student with a passion for wildlife, Tanisha Rach, recently had an unforgettable experience at Kruger National Park that left her feeling both exhilarated and humbled. She shared the sighting and footage with

“After a long day of searching for elusive cats, my group and I were driving back to the Phabeni Gate when we spotted movement in the distance. As we drew closer, we were thrilled to see a magnificent male lion lazing about on the roadside, soaking in the morning without a care in the world.”

Lion stalking hyena cub

“While sitting with the lion, a shadow appeared in the road ahead. At first, we were unable to identify the figure. As it got closer, it became clear that the figure was a young hyena, oblivious to the danger it was getting itself into.”

“What followed was a surreal and awe-inspiring scene as the lion began hunting the hyena cub. Despite our initial impulse to intervene, we knew that interfering would disrupt the natural balance of the environment. So we watched on with heavy hearts.”

Lion hunts a hyena

“The lions’ instincts kicked in, and he was off. The young cub stood no chance. The lion then proceeded to deliver a fatal blow to the young cub.” This resulted in instant death for the vulnerable cub.


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Lions and hyenas are age-old enemies. Any opportunity to eliminate the other will not be missed. Lions have an intrinsic hatred for hyenas, as hyenas are known to bully lions off their kills. One-on-one, a hyena stands no chance. When the odds are in favor of the hyenas, the results are often in their favor.

Lion kills hyena cub

“This was an extremely rare occurrence, as the last time I witnessed a hunt was five years ago. I couldn’t believe the footage we had captured and was excited to share it with others who share my passion for wildlife.”

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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