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Hyena Jumps, and Jumps, and Jumps for Leopard’s Food

A hungry hyena attempts to steal a leopard’s meal that sits on a low-hanging branch by jumping up and down. The meal is just out of reach, but close enough for the hyena to try again and again. 🤣

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Field guide at Nkhoro Bush Lodge, Deon Kelbrick caught the entire scene on camera and shared it with

“I was leading a group of guests on a game drive when we came across a big male leopard feeding on a kill. He had stolen his son’s kill earlier that day. An opportunistic hyena was stationed below the tree in hope of some scraps falling from above.”

Hyena staring at leopards kill in the tree

Hyenas are opportunistic animals that have learned to take advantage of the kills of other predators. They are skilled at detecting the scent of carrion from a distance, allowing them to find and scavenge food that may have been left behind by other predators.

A hilarious moment as a hyena attempts to steal a leopard’s meal by jumping continuously!


“The leopard had his fill and decided he had eaten enough. He jumped down from the tree, and the hyena attempted to chase after him. However, it was no match for the leopard. This was just the beginning of the humor.”

Another remarkable trait of hyenas is their incredible patience when it comes to waiting for a scrap to fall from a leopard’s hoisted kill. Hyenas can wait for hours for a chance to scavenge a kill.

Hyena attempts to steal a leopard’s meal

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“With his head held low, the hyena returned to the tree. He was not ready to give up on its chance for a meal. The hyena decided to use a termite mound to gain extra height and try to grab the kill from the tree. Leaping in the air using its two back legs, it was “flying” and trying to get his teeth onto a piece of the kill. It was hilarious to watch.”

“After multiple failed attempts, eventually the hyena gave up. He then walked off into the thickets and out of sight. Such is the circle of the African bush, some days you win and other days you lose.”

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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