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Is Satara the Best Camp in the Kruger National Park?

You should only visit Satara Rest Camp if you want to see a lot of predators. As lions will roar you to sleep, and hyenas will wake you up in the morning.

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Satara Rest Camp is located in the heart of the magnificent Kruger National Park! Primely positioned in the central area of the park, one is able to drive miles on end without seeing any signs of civilization.

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Let’s talk about the camp itself. Satara Rest Camp provides comfortable accommodation options of all kinds. With 152 cozy bungalows, 3 large guest houses, 10 guest cottages, and over 100 spacious camp sites. You’ll find the perfect place to rest after an exhilarating day of sightings. The camp also boasts a restaurant, butcher, convenience shop, and ample seating area. You can savor delicious meals while viewing the man-made waterhole that is perfectly positioned next to the camp fence.

There is no shortage of exciting activities at Satara Rest Camp. Guided morning, sunset, and night drives are led by experienced rangers who possess a wealth of knowledge about the park’s diverse ecosystem. Alternatively, embark on a self-drive safari, which allows you to set your own pace and immerse yourself in the surroundings.

The roads around Satara offer an array of captivating sights. The infamous S100 lies only a few miles from the camp gates. This road often leads to sightings of prides of lions lazing in the cool riverbed to your right and lionesses hunting wildebeest on the plains to your right. The H7 road, known as the “Orpen Road,” is another must-visit. You may encounter the rare white lion “Casper” or one of the largest packs of wild dogs that roam the Kruger National Park.

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To the north of camp lies the S147 Ngotso Loop. A short road with some of the best possibilities for leopard sightings. Be sure to take the small river loops on this road and scan the trees thoroughly, as that is where the leopards love to hang out.

Now, let’s talk about the animals you can spot right within the camp. Keep your eyes peeled for the iconic African wild cat, which calls Satara its home. Honey badgers are regulars in and around the bungalows during the evenings. And for the best chance of catching the most iconic sunset, visit the campsite in the late afternoon and watch the African sun set over the plains as the hyenas cackle in the distance.

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The habitat surrounding Satara Rest Camp is a haven for wildlife. The camp is situated in the savanna biome, characterized by sweeping grasslands dotted with iconic trees. These trees provide shade for a variety of animals and attract numerous bird species, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. The grassy plains extend as far as the eye can see, offering a picturesque backdrop for your safari.

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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