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Leopard Plays with Leopard Tortoise

A leopard relaxes in the shade when an unexpected intruder walks right up to her…

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A leopard relaxes in the shade when an unexpected intruder walks right up to her…

A leopard relaxes in the shade when an unexpected intruder walks right up to her…

In the beautiful MalaMala Game Reserve, within the Greater Kruger area, guides Nic Nel and Gareth Nuttall-Smith shared the sighting with LatestSightings.com. They had paused by a lazy leopard lounging in the shade, enjoying a respite from the heat of the day. Suddenly, the serene scene was interrupted by an unexpected visitor – a slow-moving leopard tortoise making its way into the leopard’s domain.

The leopard, known for its keen eyesight, quickly noticed the intruder. Transfixed, she watched the tortoise with intense curiosity. The tortoise continued its journey, oblivious to the predator ahead, until it was right by the leopard’s tail. This meeting was a fascinating encounter between two of Africa’s unique animals. The leopard, is a member of the iconic Big Five, and the Leopard Tortoise, is a member of Africa’s lesser-known but equally intriguing Little Five.

Intrigued by this unexpected visitor, the leopard pounced on top of the tortoise. Fortunately, the tortoise’s hard shell equips it well for such situations. These resilient creatures retreat into their protective homes when faced with danger. With their inherent curiosity and playful nature, leopards often engage in such interactions, turning a simple encounter into a fascinating spectacle.

The leopard was having a grand time, licking the tortoise’s shell and merrily rolling it around in the grass.

Another leopard, eager to join in on the tortoise action, soon interrupted the fun. Unwilling to share the new toy, she made her displeasure clear, snarling and baring her teeth. Even so, the companion gently pawed at her, practically begging to be allowed to join in. 😂

After putting her companion in place, the leopard returned to the tortoise, continuing the playful games. She showed off her entertainment, much to the annoyance of the other leopard.

Feeling envious and bored, the companion eventually disappeared. The leopard relaxed, happily licking and rolling the tortoise around. What a delightful sight to witness the playful nature of leopards and the resilience of the leopard tortoise, each perfectly adapted to their roles in the wild.

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