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Malelane Rest Camp: Is it the new best place to see big cats?

Why visit Kruger’s closest rest camp to Johannesburg? Malelane Rest Camp is a camp where lions and leopards are being seen on a daily basis.

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Malelane Rest Camp is a stunningly beautiful destination situated in the south of Kruger National Park in South Africa. This camp is ideal for anyone who wishes to experience the big cat sightings of the south of Kruger without having to deal with the rowdiness of the south.

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A small satellite camp that can sleep up to 19 people in self-catering bungalows. The camp also caters to adventure seekers in the form of campsites. They sit on the camp’s northern boundary, while Kruger’s southern border tightly hugs the southern boundary of the camp. Large herds of elephants and other game visit the Crocodile River which is Kruger’s southern border.

The camp offers exclusive access to overnight guests and boasts a short dirt road that is in the heart of leopard territory. Often, guests are greeted with exclusive sightings of leopards on the short dirt road leading into camp.

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From within the camp, one can expect to see herds of elephants passing in the late afternoon to get to the water. Large spotted genets that scavenge the camping grounds, and resident hyenas that perform nightly patrols on the fence perimeter.

When you leave Malelane Rest Camp for a game drive, you have many options for productive routes. In the early morning hours, large male lions often mark their territory on the S110 tar road that leads to Berg en Dal Rest Camp. The many scattered boulders along the road make perfect lookout points for leopards in the late afternoons.

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When it’s hot during the day, there are plenty of options to rest. You can take a short drive from camp to reach the Matjulu water hole, which herds of buffalo frequently visit. It can also be productive for big cats. To the east of camp, you can visit the Gardenia Hide. It is located on the S119 dirt road. Here you are able to stretch your legs in the coolness of the hide, which overlooks a small body of water.

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Some of the most productive roads in the Kruger National Park for leopards are only a few miles from camp. The S114, S118, and S25 dirt roads boast a dense population of habituated leopards. This means you are able to access these roads early in the morning before any other cars and perhaps get lucky with a leopard strolling in the road.

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The best time to visit Malelane Rest Camp is between May and September. This is the dry season in the Kruger National Park. During this time, the weather is cool and dry. Wildlife is easier to spot due to the lack of foliage.

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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