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Miracle Zebra Survives Africa Despite Defect

A zebra with a deformity that causes her legs to swell like balloons tries to keep up with the rest of the herd. Luckily, she’s found a friend, sticking it out with her.

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Pam Bruce-Brand, a regular visitor to the Kruger National Park, spotted this zebra and shared the images and story with

“As a regular visitor to Kruger National Park. My husband and I have been privileged to witness the incredible diversity of wildlife in the park. The north of the park, where we usually spend our time, is sparsely populated with predators but is home to a lot of general game like zebra.”

Miracle Zebra Survives Africa

“In September 2021. During our trip, we came across a zebra that appeared to be struggling. Its front knees were both severely swollen, and it looked as if it was difficult for it to walk and keep up with the rest of the herd.”

“I have always been fascinated by the unique characteristics of each individual animal, particularly zebras and their stripes. However, seeing the injured zebra was a sobering reminder of the harsh realities of life in the wild. While we don’t know the exact cause of the zebra’s condition. It’s possible that it could have been caused by a number of factors, including injury, infection, or disease.”

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“We reported it to the ranger at Punda Maria (Dalton) at the time. With the hope that the zebra would receive the necessary treatment. However, we also understand that nature is harsh, and it should remain as natural as possible.”

Miracle zebra survives Africa

Injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, including fights with other animals, falls, or getting caught in snares. Infections can also be a cause of swollen limbs, particularly in cases where an injury has become infected.

Certain diseases, such as African Horse Sickness or equine arthritis can cause swelling in the limbs of horses and zebras. Unfortunately, without more information, it is impossible to determine the exact cause of the zebra’s swollen legs.

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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