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Octopus Punches Fish in the Face

An octopus in Mauritius defends itself with a new hunting technique and starts throwing punches at a Domino fish that is attacking it 🤣

49-year-old Ian Haggerty shares his hilarious encounter with while diving in the Melville Patches with Ocean Spirit.

“As a health and safety practitioner at Sasol, I never imagined I’d find myself helping out at a dive center in Mauritius called Ocean Spirit. But life takes us on unexpected journeys, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. One of the most memorable moments of my time here was diving at Melville Patches and encountering an octopus in action.”

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Domino fish and octopus

“The small reef was teeming with life, and I was filming a few fish when I noticed the octopus making its way along the reef. While the other divers had moved on, I stayed to observe its hunting behavior.”


Octopuses are fascinating creatures with unique characteristics. They have the ability to change color and texture, making them great at camouflaging. They also have three hearts and can regenerate limbs.

Octopus punches fish!

“As it moved, it followed small fish around, hoping to catch a snack. When suddenly, a domino fish appeared, and what followed was a hilarious boxing match between the two.”

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“I couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of the octopus throwing real punches in an attempt to defend itself. It was a first for me to witness such a unique interaction, and it made for a truly unforgettable experience. I’ve always enjoyed watching octopuses hunt, and I could spend an entire dive following one around. But this encounter took the cake for the most entertaining moment.”

When it comes to hunting, octopuses use a variety of techniques, including ambush, distraction, and mimicry. But the boxing technique is definitely something new. It just goes to show how much we still have to learn about these intelligent creatures.

Octopus making a hasty escape

“Approaching sea life from above while keeping calm is crucial to not spooking them. Once the octopus gets used to your presence, it goes about its business as if you’re not even there. It’s a magical experience to witness these creatures in their natural habitat, and it’s important to do so responsibly.”

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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