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Relentless Snake Targets Helpless Chameleon on the Road

This helpless chameleon was forced to defend itself against one of the most deadly and venomous snakes in the world, a boomslang!

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This sighting was captured Adele Sneyd during a safari to South Africa’s renowned game reserve, Kruger National Park. Adele, owner of Aeternum Creations and renowned wildlife photographer, shared her story and images with

Adele had decided to take a drive-in search of something special. “I took a drive up the S110 from Malelane to Berg En Dal Rest Camp,” Adele recalls. “I noticed a chameleon in the middle of the road and pulled over to take a shot.” At first glance, Adele thought the chameleon had fallen victim to a speeding car, but something even more amazing was happening.

Out of the grass, a stealthy snake appeared, heading straight for the stranded chameleon. Adele’s heart raced as she realized the chameleon had been bitten. On closer inspection, Adele realized it was not just any snake; it was actually a boomslang!

A boomslang is a type of snake found in Africa. They are known for their vibrant green color and are highly venomous. Boomslangs are excellent climbers and often hunt birds and other small animals, such as chameleons, in trees and on the ground.

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As another vehicle approached, the snake slithered back into the grass. But Adele knew that the boomslang wouldn’t abandon its prey so easily. With patience and anticipation, she waited, camera in hand. Just as predicted, the snake returned, rising up in the tall grass, searching for its wounded prey. Meanwhile, the chameleon had managed to shuffle to the side of the road.

Adele, at this point, was parked at an awkward angle, but she knew not to start her car, fearing it would scare the snake away. Instead, she leaned over to the passenger side, capturing as much of the drama as she could.

The suspense reached its climax as the snake finally reached the chameleon and began swallowing it whole. Dragging its meal into the long grass, the snake vanished from view. Only upon returning to her camp and reviewing the footage did she realize that the snake was indeed a female boomslang.

However, the encounter left her with a sense of caution. “For the rest of the night.” Adele admits “I was rather careful when walking outside my tent in Malelane Rest Camp because I was weary of a snake coming for me.”

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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