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Tiger on the Loose in Johannesburg

There’s a tiger on the loose in Johannesburg, so go out there and spot it!

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Tiger on the loose
There’s a tiger on the loose in Johannesburg!

Residents of Walkerville, a suburb located south of Johannesburg, are on high alert after a tiger escaped from a local property on Saturday night. Reports indicate that the animal broke free when the fences on the property were cut. The tiger has reportedly been spotted near the Daleside Vet and is said to have attacked one person and killed a dog. So just be aware that there is a tiger on the loose!


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Authorities are urging citizens not to approach the tiger as it is considered to be aggressive and may attack without provocation. Those who see the animal are advised to report their sightings to Latest Sightings via the app.

It is important to note that wild animals can be dangerous and should not be approached or confronted. The authorities are working to locate and safely capture the tiger.

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