Tigress Fights Male Tiger to Protect her Cub – India

An unhappy male tiger decides to attack the cubs of a tigress he just mated with; a fight breaks out as she tries to fend him off.

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Deepanshu Yadav, a wildlife guide in the Ranthambore national park. Grateful for the opportunity to witness the moment shared it with the world through

Male tiger approaching the tigress

I have witnessed many awe-inspiring moments in the wild. However, the recent sighting of a tiger and tigress mating was truly remarkable.

“For the past few days, I had been observing the two big cats in their mating rituals. The majestic animals were a sight to behold as they roamed around the forest together, marking their territory and indulging in playful activities.”


Tigers are apex predators and one of the most magnificent creatures in the world. They are known for their beautiful stripes and powerful build, making them a symbol of strength and courage. Tigers are also territorial animals, with each tiger marking and defending its own territory.

Tigress fights male tiger after mating

“Things took a dark turn after the mating was over. The tiger started attacking the cubs of the tigress from her previous partner. It was a brutal sight to behold as the tiger attempted to eliminate any potential competition for his own offspring. The tigress, on the other hand, was fiercely protective of her cubs and tried to stop the tiger from harming them.”

Tigress deals a powerful blow at male tiger

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Tigress fights male tiger in an intense battle

When it comes to mating habits, tigers are known for their promiscuity. A female tiger will mate with multiple males, often resulting in a litter of cubs with different fathers. This is known as polyandry, and it allows the female tiger to produce a variety of offspring, increasing the chances of survival for her cubs.

“In the end, her efforts were successful, as she was able to fend him off. The cubs and the tigress then slunk into the thick of the forest and out of sight. Whilst the male lay tired and somewhat defeated in the open.”

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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