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20 Lions Come Down to Drink in a Perfect Line

Watch the absolutely spectacular moment a pride of 20 lions makes its way down to the water in perfect order.

This sighting was captured by Nadav Ossendryver, Founder and CEO of Latest Sightings, a channel that specializes in sharing wildlife footage, while on a filming trip to Mala Mala Private Game Reserve in Greater Kruger.

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Nadav tells the story: “We were up in MalaMala for 8 exciting days filming for our new TV show called Safari Sightings, which will be airing on People’s Weather, DSTV channel 180, in the coming month. On the last morning of the shoot, we went out on a game drive with Piet van Wyk, a guide working at Mala Mala and a presenter on the show.”

“This particular morning’s drive was quiet. We had found many fresh leopard tracks, but sadly no leopards. With luck not on our side with the leopards, we decided to head back to camp and call it a wrap. While on our way back, maybe 500m from the camp, we spotted a herd of elephants swimming and drinking in the Sand River, so, of course, we stopped and enjoyed this spectacle!”

“The next sight was one that I will never forget! From the sandbank behind the elephants, out pops 2 ears. Since we were on an island in the river itself, the sandbank was quite a lot higher from us, so we could only see 2 ears at first, but we immediately knew it was a lion. That lion came down the ridge and started drinking right in front of us.”

“We looked up back on to the sandbank, and suddenly another lion popped out, and another and another! This was the Kambula Lion Pride that we had found. We started hoping that they would all come down to drink in a line, as lions do on a rare occasion. Our prayers were answered!”

“In the next few minutes, the lions all came down to drink right next to each other, creating a perfect line, just as we had hoped! And we were the only vehicle that parked in front of them, having a head-on view. But that came at a cost. After the lions had finishing drinking, we decided to move off, but couldn’t when we realized our tires were completely buried in the mud. We got stuck with a massive pride of lions all around us! The other rangers thought this was quite funny and didn’t know who to watch, the lions or us struggling in the mud!”


“Eventually, the camp manager from Mala Mala Main Camp sent out a tractor that rescued us and took us back to camp. What an eventful last morning of filming!

I can’t wait to show this and many other incredible sightings on the Safari Sightings TV show!”

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