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Lion Cubs Discover the See-Saw

Watch the cute moment a group of ferocious lion cubs is left on their own, and they discover the all-new See-Saw!

This adorable sighting was filmed by Daniel Bailey, a guide for MalaMala Game Reserve, when he was on a tour with his guests.

The lion cubs in this sighting, part of the Kambula Pride, were left to alone for the afternoon on a stump of fallen over trees, while the adults were fast asleep.

One cub decided to be adventurous and tried balancing while walking all over the fallen trees. When he reached the end, he didn’t notice that the tree itself was having a hard time balancing, just like a see-saw. The tree tipped over to the other side, with the lion on top!

Although the little cub got a bit of a fright, this is nothing lions can’t handle! Slowly, one by one, all the cubs then went and had a go on the new ride.


Nice way to be entertained!

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