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Cheetah Takes Closer Look At Cricket

Cheetah sizes up an armored ground cricket

This was the moment Samuel Cox witnessed a curious cheetah leaning in to take a closer look at an incoming armored ground cricket.

Samuel tells about his incredible story:

Cheetah coalition
Cheetah coalition

“I was more focused on photographing the uncollared cheetah and it was then that he decided to give me some good moments! It was a beautiful and brief moment that no one saw coming, but we were all in disbelief when it happened. The juxtaposition of size and power.”

Cheetahs playing and bonding
Cheetahs playing and bonding

“It’s an image that says so much, but at the same time is incredibly simple. Sometimes, less is indeed more.”

Cheetah leans in to investigate cricket
Cheetah leans in to investigate cricket

Cheetahs are a highly endangered species in Africa and in various areas they are collared. This serves to track and monitor the specie in order to preserve this species.

Cheetah sizes up armoured ground cricket
Cheetah vs cricket – extreme size difference

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Cheetah on the move
Cheetah on the move

“We witnessed this moment in the Madikwe Game Reserve. Which is an incredible place for wildlife photography and one of South Africa’s hidden gems.”

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