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Crocodile Catches Pangolin in River (Extremely Rare Footage)

Crocodile kills pangolin in Sabie River, Kruger National Park
Crocodile kills pangolin in Sabie River, Kruger National Park

This was a once-in-a-lifetime sighting for visitors who witnessed a crocodile catching a pangolin and they were actually lucky enough to get the extremely rare footage! This was seen at the Cattle Baron restaurant in Skukuza, Kruger National Park yesterday!

Wildlife enthusiasts Eddie Ackerman, Jordan LA, and Frannie vd Riet were fortunate to observe a crocodile killing a pangolin in the Sabie river, whilst sitting on the deck of the restaurant. They tell the story:

Crocodile with pangolin kill
Crocodile with pangolin kill

Eddie and Jordan tell their story:

“Myself and my partner had just been seated at Cattle Baron for brunch. We then took some photos of the surrounding area and a photo of the crocodile moments before the actual sighting, lying with its mouth open, seemingly very relaxed.”

Crocodile swimming away in Sabie river
Crocodile swimming away in Sabie river

“We then all of sudden saw a table looking over the balcony, who initially thought it was a terrapin or water monitor. At that moment no one really thought much of the situation. I then picked up our camera to have a better zoom-in visual. Only to realize once I had zoomed in, the crocodile had taken a pangolin.”

“It was the first time we had actually taken our camera with us to the lunch table, and we are so happy we did.”

Crocodile in Kruger National Park - once in a lifetime sighting
Crocodile in Kruger National Park – once in a lifetime sighting

“The crocodile kept taking the pangolin underwater, which also made it extremely difficult for us to catch the full moment, it then went underwater for the last time, swam against the banks and down the river. We never saw it after this again.”

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Crocodile swimming off with pangolin
Crocodile swimming off with pangolin

This truly was a once-in-a-lifetime sighting

Frannie tells his story:

“We were having brunch at the Cattle Baron in Skukuza when we had realized what had been happening. I was just too late to get the actual sighting on camera. This was very rare! I did not know pangolins could swim. At first, it looked like a terrapin “trying” to swim, AND the speed of the croc the last few meters before it took it…wow! No chance. The crocodile disappeared under the water next to the reeds with the pangolin in its mouth.”

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