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Cute Baby Hippo vs Crocodile and Buffalo

Rainer Mauthe (44), self-employed owner of “Zur Alten Mine” guest farm, witnessed this funny little encounter between a young hippo and his “not so welcome” neighborhood friends…

He told “We took Friends from Germany for a day into the Kruger. We entered through Phabeni Gate and slowly made our way down to Crocodile Bridge, where we stayed overnight just outside the gate.

It was a rather quiet day, but we still enjoyed our time in the Park.

Approaching Lower Sabie, we stopped for a quick coffee and then decided to park for a while at Sunset Dam. We thought there might be some action happening there because there were quite a lot of cars. As we were watching, many big were lying in the sun on the bank. Suddenly, a cheeky young hippo came out of the water and started chasing the crocs around. It looked like he just wanted to play around a bit 😉

It was just so funny to watch this youngster having some fun with the crocs. At the end, he decided to try his luck with a buffalo who came to drink at the dam. He seemed to approve of the buffalo but his luck turned on him as the buffalo chased him back into the water. He soon decided to go back to mommy!


We’ve never seen a hippo getting so close to big crocodiles like that with no fear at all. It was a great sighting for us!”

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