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Desperate Baby Hangs onto Mom after Leopard Caught Her

Desperate Baby Hangs onto Mom after Leopard Caught Her
Leopard with monkey kill and baby still attached

This was the heart-breaking moment a desperate baby monkey hangs onto its mom after a leopard caught her. This sighting took place in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. 23-year old, wildlife photographer Shafeeq Mulla shares this unbelievable tale with

“My friends and I, along with our guide had planned a long trip just to search for this leopard, called Olimba, hoping to see her in action. We went out early one morning searching for the same leopard who had an unsuccessful hunt the day before.”

Leopard with her kill in Zambia

“We found her only to see that she had killed and was carrying a female vervet monkey in her mouth. All while the monkey’s baby was hanging on for dear life”

“I knew that we had just seen a once-in-a-lifetime sighting. My advice for any wildlife enthusiast would be that you really have to be patient with wild animals and you will experience some amazing behaviour and sightings.”

Baby monkey holding on for dear life

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“This leopard is quite old and has a young cub named Tattoo. A documentary has also been made on her and is called The Leopard Legacy on NatGeo. Olimba carried the dead vervet monkey and her baby back to her young cub. Sadly in the end – the baby monkey was also killed by the leopard’s cub after playing with it for a few minutes.”

Leopard cub playing with the baby monkey

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