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From Silence To Chaos – A Sighting With Rhino, Wild Dogs, Lions and Hyenas!

A White Rhino chasing Wild Dogs – who then make a kill, joined by Hyena – Chased off by Lioness.

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A sighting with Lions, Wild Dogs, Spotted Hyena and a rhino
A sighting with Lions, Wild Dogs, Spotted Hyena and a rhino

Only in the African bush can you be driving, with absolutely no one and no animal in sight, and in the space of 5 minutes, then be surrounded by lions, rhinos, wild dogs and spotted hyenas.

This incredible experience was captured by Kerry Balaam, a qualified Field Guide and Wildlife enthusiast for Kruger Pride Safaris in the Kruger National Park. Their safari had gone from silence to chaos in mere minutes.

“We were making our way to a camp in the Kruger National Park, for a leg-stretch and were honestly not seeing too many animals. The next thing, a pack of Wild Dogs stormed out of the bush, with a -tank- of a White Rhino short on their tails, chasing them!”

White Rhino storming off

“Of course, we were at the edge of our seats waiting to see what was going to happen next, but Mister Rhino lost interest in the Dogs and stormed off. The Wild Dogs carried on with their day, disappearing into the bush, probably on the hunt for their next meal.”

Wild Dogs making sure they have escaped the Rhino

“We could literally not believe what we had just witnessed! Not only 2 of the magnificent 7, but an actual interaction as well. We had barely caught our breath when 2 Spotted Hyena came strolling up the road from behind.”

The Dogs hunting

“I was still trying to get a good look at the Hyenas when my friend yelled: ‘The dogs are back and they got their dinner!’ I kid you not, the same Wild Dogs had actually made a kill literally 100m further. Wild Dogs are often referred to as Piranhas on land. They devour their meal as soon as they have successfully taken it down. However, they can sometimes even start pulling prey apart whilst still alive and trying to escape. Needless to say, they are quick eaters.”

Wild Dogs taking Impala kill apart
Wild Dogs taking Impala kill apart

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“Surely enough the Hyenas, being the scavengers they are – came in for a closer inspection. They were sniffing around but were still finding the courage to actually go in for a steal. They should have tried when they had a slight chance.”

Wild Dogs & Hyena stand-off

Lioness shows who’s Boss

“Within a second, a female lion bolted out of the bush, chasing both the Wild Dogs and Hyenas off from the remains. She finished the little bit that was left of the carcass. The rest of her pride – who was just off into the bush – unfortunately did not get a bite.”

Lioness making sure the coast is clear
Lioness making sure the coast is clear

“When she finished, she casually went to go rest under a bush – leaving us in absolute awe. We slowly drove off, not wanting to disturb her, and kept driving for a good 5 minutes in utter silence. Still in awe of what had just happened. I finally just silently said to my friend with the biggest smile on my face, “Only in Africa man…Only in Africa”

To see more exciting and amazing moments in the bush visit Kerry Balaam’s Instagram page!

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