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How To Wake Up a Baby Elephant

“But mom, I don’t wanna get up!” If you’re a parent, then you have heard a version of this from your children! But, this is how to wake up a baby elephant.

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How to wake up an elephant

“But mom, I don’t wanna get up!”

If you’re a parent, then most likely you have heard a version of this from your children or even just a “clomp” sound as your kid falls back to sleep. Everyone knows that waking up in the morning can take some time, and convincing your children to get up can be a real mission!

This mama elephant is such a caring mother with the way she wakes the baby, who you can clearly see is not a morning elephant.

Conrad Cramer, the man that captured this footage while on holiday, spent some time watching this family group of elephants hiding from the heat of the day. The scene was so utterly peaceful and it is not often that you see elephants lying down and sleeping. Conrad’s curiosity was sparked, so he sat and observed.

Time passed until finally, it looked like the matriarch was stirring, Conrad grabbed his camera and started filming, lucky enough to capture her waking the baby so tenderly.

You can see the small clouds of dust rising as the older calf behind the little one breathes in and out and how much the baby would like to carry on snoozing as mom nudges the little one, but with such gentle persuasion mom does eventually get the little one up. What is fun to see is how the calf then walks over and gently wakes the older sibling as if to say “it’s time to go!”

What a beautiful sighting, how these gentle giants all awaken and move off together, disappearing into the bush and leaving only footprints to mark that they had ever been there at all.


With a sense of awe at having been a witness to such a sight, Conrad states: “It was one of the most tender moments in the bush that I have ever experienced”

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