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Hyenas Bully Old Leopard

This old leopard was out of luck when a clan of hyenas came across his path. Being opportunistic by nature, the hyenas didn’t waste any time.

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Hyenas bully old leopard

This injured leopard was down and out of his luck when a clan of hyenas came across his path, and being opportunistic by nature, the hyenas did not waste any time diving in to attack…

Fransie Booysen (57), captured the footage on last week, on the H14, about 12 km from the H9. She told Latestsightings.com about the experience: “We were in the park the whole day driving around and we saw lots of normal game. At approximately 15:30 we happened to come across this sighting. I noticed what looked to be a very thin and injured leopard who was being surrounded and bullied by a few hyenas.”

“I could see that the leopard was in great distress and great trouble. This sighting was very rare to me, as we have stayed just outside the Kruger for 11 years and we are in the Park at least once a week, and we have never seen or experienced a similar sighting.”

“As the sighting started playing itself out, I was terrified, as this was so disturbing and cruel. I couldn’t help but be in tears, however, I know that this is the way of nature. I was watching how the hyenas kept on trying to bite the leopard and they were relentless in antagonising him.”

“The hyenas eventually backed off a little distance away and then the badly injured leopard struggled to get into a culvert. The hyenas also went to this culvert and we could hear them, but couldn’t see anything anymore. I am not sure of the fate of this leopard but analysing the situation one can only imagine that his destiny was sealed.”


“Always take in the greatness of the surroundings you are in no matter how hard they might be to handle”.

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