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Impala in a Catch-22 Between Hippo and Wild Dog

This exciting three-way encounter takes place when an impala is caught in an unlucky catch-22 between hippo and wild dog.

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Impala in a Catch-22 Between Hippo and Wild Dog
Impala trying to escape hippo and wild dog

There is nothing more exciting at a waterhole than coming across a three-way encounter between a wild dog, hippo, and solo impala desperately trying to escape being the next meal…

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Impala in a catch-22 between hippo and wild dog

53-year-old safari guide, Arun Rao (Legend Safari’s) tells Latestsightings.com about this exciting sighting: “We were out on a drive along the S65, and there happened to be a pack of wild dogs running alongside us. Running from the bushes and back into the road again. It was approximately 1km North of the waterhole. The pack then ran off into the bushes and proceeded to run down to the waterhole. Shortly before reaching the waterhole, they noticed a lonesome impala calf.”

Wild dog notices a lone impala

Impala in a Catch-22 Between Hippo and Wild Dog

“One of my guests caught sight of a wild dog who was eyeing the lone impala. In a split second, the wild dog started to give chase. The impala ran straight into the waterhole to get away from the hungry wild dog! Crazily enough, the hippos tried rescuing it by pushing it out of the water again.” Hippos are very territorial and do not enjoy other animals being in their territory. The hippo may have been trying to push the impala out of their space as opposed to saving it!

“Once the impala was out, the wild dog immediately gave chase again. The exhausted impala was no match for the hungry wild dog who was fortunate enough to have caught the impala. The wild dog began eating its long-anticipated meal. It ate for a few minutes and then ran off. After that, a load of vultures zoomed down onto the carcass to clean up the mess left by the wild dog.”


YouTube video

“This was an amazing sighting and even more spectacular that my guests got to share the experience with me.”

Impala in a Catch-22 Between Hippo and Wild Dog

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