Kruger National Park Is Flooding

January marks the rainy season in the Kruger National Park. Over the last 10 years, we’ve received reports of some heavy flooding occurring in January, some years, the flood called for tourists to be evacuated from their accommodation at the various camps!

This year is off to a rainy start in the Kruger, although no evacuations just yet.

The worst damage so far is that some of the popular game spotting roads have been closed due to overflowing rivers.

Roads that have been closed:

S100 – H5 – S114 to Biyamiti Wier – S90

Another unusual sighting we got from this season’s flooding was a crocodile that was trying to swim up-stream, but the current was just to strong. The current ended up sending the crocodile down-stream, under the bridge! The video of that is below, in this article.

We will update this page with some of the photos and videos people have sent through to our community (You can share your sightings here: App)

Hyena in the rain
Hyena in the wait rain

Bumping into a wet hyena on the H1-2 near Skukuza

Tinged by Chad Venter

H1-2 Mutlumuvi Bridge
H1-2 Mutlumuvi Bridge Near Skukuza
H1-2 Mutlumuvi Bridge
H1-2 Mutlumuvi Bridge Near Skukuza

Just after the hyena, Chad reached the Mutlumuvi Bridge. This riverbed is usually dry, but over night it started flowing due to the rains.

Biyamiti Weir crossing between the S114 and the S23 started to overflow

Tinged by Philip Botha

S25 and S26 crossing

Tinged by Philip Botha

S118 and S114 Crossing
S118 and S114 Crossing Mlambane River

S114 Mlambane river crossing just north of the S118 was flooding

Tinged by Dave

H5 low river crossing was flooded

Tinged by Foxy Crocodile Bush Retreat

Vurhami Bridge near Crocodile Bridge

H4-2, Vurhami Bridge near Crocodile Bridge

Tinged by Dalleen

Crocodile being swept away on the H10

“We were on the H10 low water bridge near Lower Sabie after 11:00 and my son, Divan, spotted a crocodile coming down the river. The current was too strong and it was swerving to get to the side of the river. We realised it was going to wash up against the bridge. The crocodile went straight to one of the openings underneath the bridge and the current swept it away under the bridge. Everone in the car turned around to see if it would come out safely on the other side. The water was really ruff on the other side and we were scanning the water for it, to no avail. We searched with binoculars to see if we could spot it, but nothing…”

Tinged by the Van der Merwe family from Nelspruit –┬áStefan, Hannelie, Divan and Marne.

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