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Baby Impala Fights Back with Head inside Lion’s Mouth

This lioness is lucky to find 2 baby impalas. The second lamb tries to fight the lioness. Can the poor impala escape her grasp? This heartbreaking sighting played out on the H4-1, near Skukuza, in the Kruger National Park.

Lamb Tries to Fight Lioness

44-Year-old safari guide David Pusey from Leo Vantage Private Guided Safaris was fortunate to witness this sighting and shared the story with

“During impala lambing season many predators take advantage of the abundance of impala babies as a food source. In their first few days after being born, lambs rely predominantly on hiding, since they are not fast enough to evade predators, yet.”

Lamb Tries to Fight Lioness

“This lioness, near the H12 bridge in the Kruger National Park, couldn’t believe her luck when she stumbled across 2 lambs that hadn’t hidden away well enough. They became easy targets when they moved toward her. The second lamb put up a brave fight, and even managed a few well-placed kicks to the lioness’ face.”

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Lamb Tries to Fight Lioness

“We could see that the lioness was hunting. We believe she was denning at the time, which we suspect made her more active during the day since she had cubs to feed. We followed her for a while, and then she spotted the impala lambs. We knew there was a good chance she might catch one because they were only a few days old.”

“It’s always difficult and emotional to watch young animals being caught… However, the lioness also has to survive and look after her offspring. Once she had caught both lambs, she stashed them under a bush to feed in peace.”


“It was an extremely rare sighting. This is the first time I have seen a lioness catch 2 lambs at the same time. I have seen them catching many single lambs before, but usually, the other lambs have enough time to escape.”

“If you are in Kruger during impala lambing season, be prepared for scenes like these. Predators take advantage of the easy food source.”

Lamb Tries to Fight Lioness

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