Leopard Flies Out of Tree with Kill after Fighting with Cub

A leopard fights with her cub over a meal. Eventually breaking free, she jumps from a tall tree and does not land on her feet 😮

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Michele Bron was able to capture the entire scene on video and shared it with

“My guide and I had spotted a leopard who had taken down an impala. We found her resting on a tree, feeding on her kill. We made a decision the next morning to return to the site and perhaps get some well-lit photographs.”

Why do leopards carry their kills up trees? The answer is simple: It’s for protection. By hoisting their kill up high, they can keep it away from other predators, such as lions and hyenas, who might try to steal it. The higher vantage point of a tree allows the leopard to keep an eye on any potential threats and safely enjoy their meal.


“However, the next morning, the leopard and the impala carcass were not to be found. What happened next was something I will never forget. We found the mother leopard and her cub fighting over the impala’s remains, and things quickly escalated.”

Leopards are solitary animals, but they form strong bonds with their young. Cubs typically stay with their mother until they are around two years old and are capable of surviving on their own. During this time, the mother will teach her cubs how to hunt and protect themselves. However, once the cubs reach maturity, they will leave their mother and establish their own territory.

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“The mother and cub were locked in a tug of war that seemed to go on for an eternity when eventually the cub lost her grip on the kill. We are used to seeing leopards land gracefully on their feet. However, the mother landed very awkwardly on her back with the kill in her mouth. She quickly regained her composure and ran off.”

Observing wildlife in their natural habitat is an experience like no other. From learning about their behavior and family dynamics to witnessing jaw-dropping moments, each encounter with wildlife teaches us something new.

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