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Lion Pride Take-Over

Watch as a pride of lions relaxing next to their kill, suddenly have their afternoon nap disturbed by two nomad male lions looking to take over.

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Watch as a pride of lions relaxing next to their kill, suddenly have their afternoon nap disturbed by two nomad male lions looking to take over new territory.

Elize Roets, a 34-year-old Animal Communicator in Phalaborwa, took this incredible video on the H14 at the Ngobeni Shortloop. She tells LatestSightings.com of this intense experience and how it came to happen – in her own words: “I took a drive to one of my favorite spots to sit at to enjoy the tranquillity nature has to offer. About 900m west from the Ngobeni Shortloop I found a Hyena playing with a Buffalo leg where thereafter I continued to the Ngobeni Shortloop.”

“I got there and saw about 15 Hyenas resting but there were already many cars with spectators at the scene. Some of the spectators told me that the Nandzana Pride of lions had killed a Hippo and that they were busy eating on it – that’s why there was so much attention. The Nandzana pride at that stage was made up of 5 adult females and about 7 cubs but from where I was standing, I could only see some of the cubs and the movement of some of the adult females and not the kill, as they were in the river.

Some spectators also wanted to get a view of what I had been able to see so I made way, at this time, I saw the two male lions approaching from the West but they were stealthy and made no sound at all. After the crowd died off a bit, I made my way back to the spot where I stood before and that’s when the chasing and the fighting started – my heart was in my throat as I knew there were cubs!”

“All the cubs and two of the lionesses’ ran away while 3 of the older lionesses’ stood their ground protecting their meal, the male lions persisted and chased off the female lions through the river where I followed them to see what happens. After the chase the male lions are seen crossing the road in front of me before heading back to claim the kill – I could not get back into my viewing spot by this time as there was quite a crowd of cars witnessing the action so I went in search of the pride that was chased away.”


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“About 900m west while walking through the bushes, I spotted the whole pride – luckily every Lioness and cub was accounted for and finally they came to a stop where they rested about 100m from the road. In over 30 years of visiting the Kruger, this was by far the first sighting I have ever experienced that was so intense! My advice during a sighting like this would be to stay calm because no matter what happens, we know that it’s a part of nature and that things like this happen more often than we think”

“We later found out that the two males were the Sable Dam males from the Sable dam area near the Masorini Archaeological Site”

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