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Lion Tries Entering Restaurant Full of Tourists!

This lion was apparently just making sure that there weren’t more than 100 people inside…

While the country, and even the world, quiets down for a while, the animal kingdom is still bustling with action. When fewer people seem to go out to see the animals, more animals go in search of the people. This incredible video of a young lion visiting the Pilanesberg Centre, shows just how curious these cats can get.

Over the weekend, there was a lot of activity by members of the Latest Sightings community at Pilanesberg Center, the local food stop while on safari. It turns out there was a pride of lions camping out just off the car park!

Sonja Lerm, sales representative, opened up the coffee shop at around 8 am to start off a normal working day. But it definitely wasn’t a normal day. Latest Sightings caught up with her to find out what happened:

“We had just walked into the center from the parking lot and watched the lions play in the distance. There were already some staff inside and some guests who were making use of the facilities at the center. On our way to open up the door, we noticed one of the young adult male lions walking right toward us. We hurried inside and closed the door and moved away from the door.”

“We were very excited but somewhat scared to see them from such a close distance as they stood right outside the door of the center. I filmed some of the sighting, but we were quite frightened that the lion might attempt to come inside. After a while of standing at the door, peeking in through the glass, the young lion walked away, back to join the other lions where they were playing in the distance.”

“It’s not the first time the lions have been at the center, but it was rare to see them walking towards us. I’ll always advise anyone in this position to stay calm and to maintain some distance.”

From Camilla Jacobs, (, another Latest Sightings member at the sighting:“When we first arrived they were laying in the shade. We spotted first one, then another and eventually four young lions. One was already playing with a white bucket chewing its edge and pawing playfully. The excitement was intense, cameras clicking away, smiles wide and a lot of chat about every move they were making.”

“More cars joined the crowd as one of the lions stood and started walking. He disappeared behind some green netting, a storage area to the left of the building. Reappearing moments later carrying a metal dustpan. One of the other lions was quick to join the fun as they both returned to the shade. Seconds is all it took for the pan to be in two pieces.”

“A few minutes later and she was off again, a very inquisitive lioness now walking along the front of this famous building. The staff inside were quick to react and shut the front doors. We watched as she paused looking at the picnic table in front then moving onto the path walkway her stance lowers and her eyes now looking straight through the glass-paneled door. Just amazing. Pausing once more for the cameras she stood in front of Pilanesberg Centre, this was special. On her return to her pride, she stopped to reach up against a small tree. Stretching, she dug her claws in as a final show in front of the cars parked in the parking area.”


“Settling back into the shade, they continued chewing on plastic items they had found before closing their eyes for a well-deserved cat nap.”

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