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Lions Hunting in Parking Lot

Lions Hunting Amongst Pedestrians

“First we were excited to find the lions, then concerned for the pedestrians in the Centre… But once everything was under control and everyone aware and safe – the excitement took over!”

Male lions
Male lions near Pilanesberg Center

This in itself sounds strange – but too often we forget that we are in nature’s territory – and NOT the other way around. Pilanesberg guides, Isa Carter, and Johan Theunissen tell us of their astonishing sighting of lions hunting in the parking lot of the Pilanesberg Centre.

Male Lion hunting
Male Lion hunting in Pilanesberg

“We were watching a male lion under a tree some 200m from the Pilanesberg Centre. He kept looking towards the centre and we got the impression that there is something of interest closer to that side. As we slowly proceeded, 5 more lions made their appearance and they entered the parking lot!”

Lions scouting

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“We noticed a guest standing in the entrance, however, with their back to the lions. We quickly made our way around to cut off the lioness and warn the lady about the approaching lion pride that was hunting in the parking lot. By now several lions, of all ages and sizes, had entered the parking lot. They started stalking some warthogs that were just out of view for us, in the tall grass.”

Lions were hunting while people were looking on!

Did The Lions Successfully Hunt?

“A chase ensued into the entrance of the parking lot but was unsuccessful. The whole pride then moved off into the tall grass to the side of the centre where we eventually lost visual. The sighting had ended in us viewing a young lion from the deck of the centre, where they disappeared, but we could still hear them fighting amongst themselves. So whether they managed to get a snack – we do not know.”

Isa and Johan are both qualified and experienced field guides with Leop Safaris – but both admit this was a first for them! This remains the incredible thing about wildlife…You have never seen everything. There is always something new to experience and explore!

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