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Lions Intrude on Wedding Proposal While Camping

This is the special moment lions disturbed the engagement of a couple who were camping out in the wild! Captured literally seconds after she said the magic “yes”!

Businessman John Peiser tells us about their trip with friends to the Kgalagadi, where he asked his wife to get married, just to have a few lions intrude on the proposal and come to congratulate them, a mere moment later.

Lions intrude on proposal
Engaged, with a male lion coming to congratulate us

“It was our first-night camping Mapayathutlwa in the Kgalagadi. We heard a lion roaring very close to our camp. I decided this would be the perfect time to propose to Sandy, as I would never again have this perfect soundtrack.”

Male lion inspecting camp in Kgalagadi
Male lion inspecting camp in Kgalagadi

“She made me the happiest man alive and said yes and literally seconds after putting the ring on her finger, a male lion strolled into our camp. He moved off a bit and kept announcing his presence by roaring. We then continued with our braai. It was incredible to have lions intrude on proposal”

Who knows, maybe he was congratulating the happy couple!

Male lion in Mapayathutlwa
Male lion in Mapayathutlwa

“Mr. Lion must have told a friend, as a lioness came into our camp the very next evening, more or less the same time! She took one look around, investigated & rubbed herself against the tap, and decided to play with binoculars hanging on a chair.”

Lioness rubbing herself on tap in camp
Lioness rubbing herself on tap in camp

“She then decided to lie down and get her beauty sleep in, whilst we of course sat patiently and waited in the car. Eventually an hour or so later, she took off.”

Female lion in camp in Kgalagadi as lions intrude on proposal
Female lion in camp in Kgalagadi

“On previous experiences and safaris, we have had elephants and a leopard visit us while camping but this was the first time that we have had lions.”

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Lioness resting in camp after intruding on the engagement
Lioness resting in camp

This truly was an incredible experience for the happy couple and a memory they will cherish forever!

John’s advice to anyone lucky enough to go camping in the wild is “Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t put water or food out to try and lure wild animals to your site. They will come when they feel like it.”


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