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Rhino Charges and Hits Car

Being a wildlife monitor, Sam Vorster gets to spend a lot of time amongst animals. That said, Sam has had 2 close calls now with Black Rhinos!

Sam explains the sighting to “We had just been out following a pack of wild dogs for the morning. We were on a bit of a buzz, having watched them make a kill!

On our way home we found one of my favorite individuals of one of my favorite species – black rhino!

This specific black rhino is one of my most favorite individual animals ever, because his personality was so evident. When you see the same animal frequently you get to know their behavior. His was generally quite passive, although true to his species, he would sometimes mock charge us – as black rhinos are wanton to do.

I could see his condition was not as good as normal, thus needed a better look. I was calm and collected and trying to both calm the excited volunteers I had with me, as well as calm the animal.

I expected him to be a bit less tolerant (hence the quiet soothing tones I am using in the video that make me sound like I’m trying to be the next Morgan Freeman). As he was coming towards us to investigate, one of the volunteers dropped their camera strap, which startled him.

People are not good at listening to instructions to keep still… especially if they are holding a camera…. He only left muddy lip prints on the vehicle – but his unspoken words were clear.

As soon as the rhino hit the car, I dropped my phone and drove away before he came back for real… It was common to see him, but it was the only time I’ve known him to make contact with a vehicle.

I have watched a truck being lifted by an angry black rhino before, it was obvious this “light tap” was a warning, not the real deal.

For anyone else that gets in close contact with a rhino like this, keep calm, keep everyone still. The reason he felt the need to tell us off is because someone moved. Animals see movement – even if there is a camera between the two of you!


Sadly this male got into a fight sometime after this sighting and died of his injuries. Having said that it was a great feeling knowing that he lived a long fruitful life and died of natural causes.”

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