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Stork has Wings Full With 4 Babies

Not 1, not 2, but 6 of these beautiful and extremely rare storks were seen having a family reunion in the Kruger.

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Not 1, not 2, but 6 of these beautiful and extremely rare storks were seen having a family reunion in the Kruger.

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Gerrie Smit, from Kruger Gateway Safaris, experienced this absolutely marvelous sighting and shared it with LatestSightings.com.

Image by Nel Botha from Pixabay

“It was another day in the Kruger, and my guests and I were hoping to spot some of Africa’s majestic creatures like buffalo, elephants, or the big cats. However, nature had an extraordinary surprise in store for us.”

“As we stopped on a bridge, my attention was drawn to the colorful bird on my side. A saddle-billed stork surrounded by four other birds. My initial instinct led me to believe they were marabou storks. But I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that these were, in fact, four sub-adult saddle-billed storks. A sight so rare that I had never dreamt of such before.”

Saddle Billed Stork with 4 babies!

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An encounter like this, considering the challenges saddle-billed storks face during their development, is remarkable. Generally, between one and three eggs are laid during breeding, making it highly improbable that four chicks are able to survive into sub-adulthood. This remarkable family had defied the odds, thriving in the heart of Kruger National Park.

“I was amazed to learn about the critical status of the storks in Mozambique, where only 30 pairs are remain. The realization of the species’ vulnerability added a profound sense of significance to the encounter.”


“With only around 40 individuals recorded in Kruger a decade ago, witnessing this family of five was a testament to the park’s conservation efforts. Despite their dwindling numbers, these majestic birds are finding a safe haven in the park’s protected wilderness.”

Sightings of this nature serve as a reminder of the fragility of some of Africa’s most iconic species. It beckons us all to rally together in support of wildlife conservation. So that future generations can also experience the true beauty of our nature.

Stork with 4 babies

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