The Kruger National Park is Flooding!

Kruger National Park, one of South Africa’s premier tourist destinations and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is currently facing severe flooding, leading to the closure of roads and leaving tourists stranded.

Crocodile Bridge flooding this morning
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The park covers an area of over 19,000 square kilometers and is home to numerous rivers, including the Limpopo, Olifants, and Sabie. Heavy rainfall in the past day has caused these rivers to overflow, leading to widespread flooding and the closure of many roads within the park. This has not only affected tourists and park employees but also the wildlife that relies on these rivers for survival.

Malelane gate river is flowing fast! Tinged by Done

The flooding is particularly problematic because many of the roads are made of sand and are prone to getting washed away or becoming impassable during heavy rainfall. This has made it difficult for vehicles to traverse the park, leading to visitors becoming stranded, and park authorities are forced to close the roads for their own safety.

This poor buffalo got caught unawares and is stranded in the Crocodile River. 🥺
Hopefully there are no serious injuries to animals in the park.
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In addition to the closure of roads, the flooding of the rivers in the park is also having a significant impact on the local ecosystem. The sudden influx of water is causing the rivers to overflow their banks, damaging the surrounding areas and potentially threatening the lives of animals and birds that rely on the rivers for food and water.

View of the flooded river today from Ngwenya Lodge.
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Visitors are urged to check the park’s official website for updates on road closures and conditions before planning a visit.

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Matjulu Bridge, near Berg en Dal. Tinged by Mchough11s

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