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This Is Why The Lionesses Hunt

In the history of the animal kingdom, there is an idea that only the lionesses hunt. This isn’t so true. The males of a pride are there to protect it, so they spend their energy patrolling the territory, chasing rival lions out, so then the lionesses hunt to feed the males.

While male lions do hunt for themselves too, this video shows why maybe they shouldn’t interfere…

This funny fail was filmed by Peter Craig-Cooper on the banks of the Crocodile River, opposite Marloth Park.

Peter tells the story: “A pride of lion were frequenting an area of the Crocodile River in the Kruger National Park, opposite Marloth Park. So we were always on the lookout for them.

There was one day, when we found the lions on the riverbank and spotted a herd of impala nearby! We watched as the unsuspecting herd of impala headed towards the river, right near the lions.

As the herd of impala finally crept close enough for an ambush by the lions, a female started stalking them. Her head can be seen in the grass at the start of the video.

The male then decided to help out in the catch, rooky mistake!

All of a sudden pandemonium broke. The male chasing from the top and the female from the bottom of the bank. The two lions collided as the impala made its escape.


As the watch the herd of impala run to freedom, they look bewildered by their botched attempt at the hunt that they put in so much energy to attempt.

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