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Three-Legged Hyena Falls Right Into Lion’s Trap

A three-legged hyena got a little too close to a lioness and her cubs. With a little strategy, the hyena fell right into the lion’s trap!

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Lion catches hyena

Nelson Cruz captured this gut-wrenching sighting of a hyena getting too close to a lioness with cubs while on one of his tours to the Kruger.

Curious hyena trying to get to the lion cubs

Nelson told Latestsightings.com how events played out: “We noticed this hyena in the vicinity of a lioness and her cubs. He was particularly nosy and was desperate to get in and attack one of the cubs.”

Lioness showing the hyena who is boss!

“The mother of the cubs was not having any of it and charged the hyena. She managed to actually bite his entire foot off! The hyena was also desperately aggravated and managed to give the lioness a few bites, hence you can see she also sustained some injuries.”

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Three-Legged Hyena Falls Right Into Lion’s Trap

“The hyena then fled off back towards the dam. When the hyena was done drinking water, it headed back up towards the road – presumably looking for the cubs. Little did the hyena know that a young lioness was hiding behind the bushes and suddenly jumped out to attack her again. The hyena turned and ran back down to the dam once more but unfortunately could not outrun the lioness and was killed at the bottom river.”

Three-legged hyena falls right into lion’s trap

“Later on, we watched how the whole lion pride crossed the road to get to the river, where the hyena was killed, so they could finish off the feast.”

Lioness about to catch the hyena

“It was just an amazing and spectacular sighting because of the natural turn of events. One could never have anticipated how things would have played out. That’s why I love nature so much, it always has the ability to stop you in your tracks!”


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